• Registration of author: 1st week of October 2021

  • Video recording of presentation: November 5, 2021

  • Live Presentations: November 20, 2021

Important information

  • All authors are requested to send a pre-recorded video of the presentation.

Showcase Chairs

India HCI 2021
Amit Jena
IIT Bombay, India

India HCI 2021
Gareth Loudon
Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

India HCI 2021
Pratiti Sarkar
IIT Bombay, India

List of papers

⮞ Disaster Strikes! Internet Blackout! What’s the Fate of Crisis Mapping?, Mobile HCI

Presenting author: Partha Sarathi Paul

⮞ Beyond Health Literacy: Navigating Boundaries and Relationships During High-risk Pregnancies: Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Health in North-West India, NordiCHI

Presenting author: Anushri Ghode

⮞ Hate begets Hate: A Temporal Study of Hate Speech, CSCW

Presenting author: Punyajoy Saha

⮞ Misinformation as a Window into Prejudice: COVID-19 and the Information Environment in India, CSCW

Presenting author: Syeda Zainab Akbar

⮞ Design and Evaluation of DIO Construction Toolkit for Co-making Shared Constructions, UbiComp

Presenting author: Jatin Arora

⮞ Towards Safety and Sustainability: Designing Local Recommendations for Post-pandemic World, RecSys

Presenting author: Gourab K Patro

⮞ The eyes know it: FakeET- An Eye-tracking Database to Understand Deepfake Perception, ICMI

Presenting author: Abhinav Dhall

⮞ Exploring the Design Space of Badge Based Input, ISS

Presenting author: Arpit Bhatia

⮞ “Can I Not Be Suicidal on a Sunday?”: Understanding Technology-Mediated Pathways to Mental Health Support, CHI

Presenting author: Sachin R. Pendse

⮞ Biographies of Biometric Devices: The POS Machine at Work in India's PDS, CHI

Presenting author: Preeti Mudliar

⮞ Illustrating the Gaps and Needs in the Training Support of Community Health Workers in India, CHI

Presenting author: Deepika Yadav

⮞ Sticking Out Like a Non-dominant Thumb: Handedness and Fitts’ Throughput for Touch-Based Mobile Interfaces, Interact

Presenting author: Anirudha Joshi


Showcase is a curated track at India HCI 2021. Through this track, we aim to highlight some of the best HCI research undertaken by Indian researchers, which has been presented at premier international venues from September 2020 through August 2021. Over the years, India HCI has been attracting a diverse set of attendees, including students, researchers, industry professionals, and start-ups. MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India, will host the 12th edition of India HCI (India HCI 2021). We encourage the authors from India to take this opportunity and share their published work to a vast audience from India and abroad, socialize with the local HCI community and trigger new collaborations.

We look forward to your participation and presentation at India HCI 2021. Click here to see the list of papers presented in India HCI 2020’s Showcase (previously called Out of India) track.


From 30 premier HCI conferences organised between September 2020 to August 2021, we identified all the papers with at least one author affiliated with an Indian institute or organisation. We then shortlisted the 12 best papers considering the three aspects: novelty, rigour and significance.

The authors do not need to submit their paper for the review process. Authors will be invited based on their prior record of publication that fulfils the criteria of this track. However, we welcome suggestions. We request authors to write to us if they believe their previous publication will be an excellent addition to this track.


  • At least one author of the paper needs to register for the conference by the first week of October.
  • Each paper will get 9 minutes. This includes presentation time, Q&A, and slide changeover time.