Registration Deadline: October 15 2023

Course 1: Co-Designing of HI Applications for Children Living with ADHD

Instructors: Sandesh Phalke and Abhishek Shrivastava

The course aims to deliver the potential concept of using the co-designing process through an interdisciplinary approach to design and develop health informatics (HI) applications for ChADHD. The course is well designed in eight parts where the audiences can get every bit of the transformed information during the course. The concepts will be broken down into smaller parts to reduce the cognitive load, and the last 30 minutes will help to overcome all the queries and get a detailed understanding through one-on-one discussion.

Course 2: Crafting Customer Centric Design Frameworks for Digital Transformation

Instructor: Sukanto Roy

The workshop modelled course will focus on the five strategic areas of digital transformation that are customers, competition, data, innovation, and value. We will create canvases and journey maps with systems thinking ecosystem mapping and blue ocean strategy to understand and map the journeys of CUSTOMER CENTRICITY and their KPI’s, Behaviour analysis and Framework development. We will touch upon and understand the basic process of BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM MAPPING through business analysis to cloud-based app development, advanced data analytics and software quality assurance, role of designers and HCI specialists in the automotive, aerospace, railway, defence, energy, banking, and insurance industries to deliver multiple successful digital transformation projects, with robust KPIs.