Appropriate design

The world is currently at a delicate crux. Unmindful consumption of resources have on the one hand put extreme strain on the natural resources and risks tipping over the global climate balance, on the other hand it has increased the disparities between groups of people with access to resources and those without access.

Appropriate Design and Innovation aims to popularise the concept of locally relevant and sustainable design which keeps the people at the centre. Appropriate Design is affordable and accessible by even non-mainstream and marginalised user groups. It uses local resources and is mindful of local socio-cultural norms. It is sustainable and minimises the strain on the environment.

At India HCI 2022 we wish to put the Appropriate Design principles into focus, with the aim of creating more inclusive design and technology which makes the world a better place.

The conference is a platform to discuss & debate ideas that will help us create a better world and be prepared for such unforeseen disruptions. We welcome everyone associated with the HCI community to join us in celebrating this festival of design and innovation.

Paticipation makes us unique


HCI and UX gurus

Students from Many Design Institutes across the country and their teachers

Industry Professionals

HCI & UX Ninjas

UX Design, and Research Professionals having several years of experience

Thought Leaders

HCI & UX Champions

Thought leaders in the space, working in the emerging technology trends