Shriya Singh

Design Researcher, Erevna
Design & Development of Human Swarm Intelligence through the years

Swarm robots and human factors engineering are at the cutting edge of human-swarm interaction. This workshop’s content will touch upon some of the things we have seen throughout the years in this industry. We will first gain an understanding of how human swarms function and which aspects of them artificial swarms can imitate. After going over these, we can go on to understanding how they are employed in applications now and what opportunities they hold for the future.

Sumita Sharma

University of Oulu
Accessible and Inclusive AI: Looking to the future workshop

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is integrated into all things technical, there is a valid concern over its lack of diversity, inclusiveness, and accessibility. Further, questions such as what it means for AI to be accessible and inclusive, why is inclusive AI required, how can it be achieved, and how do we design for more just and equitable AI futures – are emerging areas of research. Through this workshop, we aim to provide participants an opportunity to experience using future-oriented approaches, that they can add to their ‘methodological toolbox’.