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Start Time End Time Auditorium Hall 01 Hall 02 Hall 03 Library Conference Room
Date: 9-11-2022
9:00 Registrations
9:30 10:00 Inauguration
10:00 11:00 Keynote: Kumar Bagrodia (Founder, NeuroLeap) Theme: Brain Computer Interaction
11:00 11:45 Flying Unicorn - Panel Discussion on "UX Design in Startup offerings" "Workshop: Accessible and Inclusive AI: Looking to the future (" Workshop/Course Workshop/Course
11:45 13:30 Flying Unicorn - Business Model Canvas Workshop for Startups
13:30 14:30 Lunch
14:30 15:30 "Keynote: Richard Anderson (Professor, University of Washington, USA) Title: Making good ideas last"
15:30 18:00 Workshop: Accessible and Inclusive AI: Looking to the future ( Course: Voice User Interface Design – Personas, Prompts and Prosody Design & Development of Human Swarm Intelligence Flying Unicorn - Session 1: Mentoring of Startups by Tech & Investment Mentors
Flying Unicorn - Session 2: UX Mentoring by UX Professionals
18:00 18:30 Gamified Gup Shup
18:30 19:00 Tea Break
Date: 10-11-2022
9:00 9:30 Registrations
9:30 10:00 Gamified beginning
10:00 12:30 Papers: Industry Case Studies:
1. Aiswarya R, Jayasree Raveendran and Vijayanand Banahatti Behavioral attributes in password reuse: Analysis of password practices in work and personal spaces 1. Taking care: Mental Health by Dr. Özlem Eylem-van Bergeijk, Charlotte Monnickendam, Omkar Kadam, Kiran Sabnis, Cerina UK
2. Anurag Kumar Singh and Anirudha Joshi Grapho: Bringing line chart accessibility to the visually impaired 2. Experience Strategy for holistic seamlessly connected and differentiated experiences by Angela Simon, Rohit Menon, Ramya Rajasekaran, FourKites
3. Saurabh Nautiyal, Abhishek Shrivastava, Chinmoy Deka and Praveen Chauhan Role of Digital Healthcare in the well-being of Elderly people: A Systematic Review 3. Civic Engagements in Indian Ecosystem by Nupura Gawde, Gaurav Godhwani , Apoorv Anand, Civic Data Labs
4. Mridumoni Phukon, Abhishek Shrivastava and Bruce Balentine Whether people entrain their turn-taking behaviours to that of a voice user interface? 4. How product design can be a simple yet a powerful way of improving usability amongst low e-literacy teams - Task Tracker by Neha Chandra, Rishab Chandra, IIT
5. Jasmine Kaur, Rishabh Devgon, Smera Goel, Arunesh Singh, Kyzyl Monteiro and Advika Singh Future of Intimate Artefacts: A Speculative Design Investigation"
12:30 13:20 "Keynote: Marianne Kinnula (Associate Professor, University of Oulu, Finland) Title: Democratizing design - children as future design protagonists"
13:30 14:30 Lunch
14:30 16:00 Industry: Fireside chat Students' Consortium:
1. How to make sure you are fixing the right problem, Shiva Subhedar & Bhakti 1. Shashank Ahire, Designing the Smart Speaker for Emergent Users: Human-AI Answers
2. Careers in UX Design: Different types of opportunities and skills required in industry: by: Atul Manohar, Thought-Craft Innovations, Wricha Mishra MITID, MIT ADT University 2. Jaai Kalekar and Tanishk Babar, Oops! I bought it! : An Attempt to Control the Impulsive Buying Behavior
3. Anuya Desai Addressing Sustainability Misinformation in Shopping Experiences
4. Anuya Desai A Fashion Disaster: Why the Fashion Industry needs a Circular Economy
5. Aditi Ajay Bhat Tapping into Children’s COVID-19 experiences through Drawings"
16:00 17:00 "Keynote: Deepak Menon (Vice President, Microsoft) Title: Why do we need to build inclusive experiences and how does it lead to Innovation for everyone"
17:00 17:30 Tea Break
17:30 18:15 HCIPAI meeting (HCIPAI Members)
Date: 11-11-2022
9:00 9:30 Registrations
9:30 10:30 "Keynote: Manohar Swaminathan (Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research) Ludic Design for Accessibility in the Global South"
10:30 13:30 Posters: Industry Presentations:
1. Nicole D’Souza, Shruti Jain, Riddhi Gawande and Ashika Kotia, Understanding adolescent girls’ perceptions towards menstruation: A study from Mumbai’s low-income neighborhood 1. North Star - UX index by Durgaprasad Vemula, PeepalDesign
2. Riya Sogani and Sushmita Vavilala, “I Want My Tracker To Be Like a Mother"": The Implications of Universalism of Health Trackers on Indian Women 2. The Making of a DesignTech Platform by Raghu Sarangarajan & Aurobinda Pradhan, Cubyts
3. Ishika Joshi, Aman Parnami, Magical Mirrors and I: Interweaving learning with mirror play 3. Sensory Analytics Know what your consumer think about your brand. by Siddharth Kengadaran, Kellton
Demos: 4. Mukesh will talk about three UX mistakes from his journey as a PM. He will share the lessons learnt in the process and also a framework to be watchful about to avoid such mistakes.
1. Arkoprabho Bhattacharjee, The Hand of Bit-hoven Industry: Fireside Chat
2. Shruti Shimpi, Vidya Nair and Wricha Mishra, Determining the factors for the frugal generation gravitating towards digital thrifting and a conceptual intervention for the Instagram thrift stores. 1. Perspectives: Navigating the Ecosystem Product vs Professional Services - Rashmi Sethi and Prachi Sakhardande"
3. Pooja Verma, Anshul Chole, Vibhuti Sagar, Tito Sumi and Prasad Onkar, Virtual Reality as a Tool for Relaxation in an Academic Environment"
13:30 14:30 Lunch
14:30 15:30 "Keynote: Nimmi Rangaswamy (Professor, IIIT Hyderabad, India) Title: Thick HCI: Anthropology in the midst of Technocracy"
15:30 17:00 Out of India: Papers
1. The Everyday HCI of Uber Drivers in India : A Developing Country perspective (CSCW2021)
2. Aaditya Ajikumar: Fitts’ Throughput and “Absolute” Finger Precision by Handedness, Hand, Digit and Target Width (NordiCHI '22)
3. Fabrication of Nāmya: A Bend and Touch-Sensitive Flexible Smartphone-Sized Prototype (journal)
4. Devesh Pant: Use of Metric Learning for the Recognition of Handwritten Digits, and its Application to Increase the Outreach of Voice-based Communication Platforms (COMPASS 2022)
5. Kyzyl Monteiro: “Are You Still Watching?”: Exploring Unintended User Behaviors and Dark Patterns on Video Streaming Platforms (DIS 2022)
6: Pallavi Rao (online): Wearable Activity Trackers in Managing Routine Health and Fitness of Indian Older Adults: Exploring Barriers to Usage (NordiCHI '22)
7. Asra Wani (online): “Hartal (Strike) Happens Here Everyday”: Understanding Impact of Disruption on Education in Kashmir (CHI 2022)
8. Archana Hebbar (online): VR Cognitive Load Dashboard for Flight Simulator (ETRA 2022)
17:00 17:30 Vote of Thanks and Closing
17:30 1800 Tea break