Call for Registrations

Date: 09th Nov 2022 @ BITS Pilani
Announcing the Flying Unicorn-DISQ Awards-2022

(In association with Digital Impact Square)

A TCS Foundation Initiative

The Flying Unicorn Event consists of 4 Sub-events through the day
  • 1 on 1 mentoring by Tech Investors
  • Hands-on Workshop with UX design professionals
  • Panel discussion with Tech Investor Mentors
  • Declaration of the Flying Unicorn- DISQ award for 2 deserving Early-stage startups

Knowledge, Strength & Magic

The Flying Unicorn Track is designed to connect the three vital entities of entrepreneurship

  • The STARTUPS, who bring the KNOWLEDGE of the product offering
  • The TECH INVESTORS, who bring the STRENGTH of investment
  • The UX DESIGNERS, who bring the MAGIC of enchanting, sticky experience

The effective combination of these three elements – Knowledge, Strength and Magic are what make a startup become successful – a flying unicorn.

India HCI 2022 will choose a total of 20 startups to qualify for the Flying Unicorn track, who will receive mentoring from Tech Investors and UX professionals.
We Invite Digital Startups to register for the Flying Unicorn Track!
Application Process

Digital Startups may apply under two heads –

  • Incubated Startups

These are startups that have already received guidance under any institutionalized incubation or acceleration program

  • Early-stage startups

These are startups that are relatively fresh and have not been in any institutionalized incubation program

Startups need to apply to register for the Flying Unicorn Track and send in a Pitch Deck of their startup concept, which will be matched by our internal team with the appropriate Mentor-Investor.

If the Startup concept happens to be in the domain of interest of our team of Tech Investors, we will invite the Startup for participation.

Registered startups participating in the Flying Unicorn Track will be provided mentoring and nuanced advice by the Tech Investors and UX Experts on the 11th of Nov 2022 at the Conference.

From the participant startups, all the early-Stage startups will also be eligible to be considered for the two Flying Unicorn-DISQ Awards, consisting of a 14-week DISQ Bootcamp-2023.

Announcing the Flying Unicorn-DISQ Award -2022!

Two deserving Early-stage Startup Teams (from the Early-stage startups registering and participating in the Flying Unicorn track) may be granted Award Seats for the DISQ Bootcamp 2023 – sponsored by Digital Impact Square (a TCS Foundation Initiative).

This includes a 14-Week mentoring program consisting of 1:1 coaching, Workshops, Masterclasses, Reflection Sessions, User Research, Pilot opportunities with ecosystem partners, and more.

(For more details about the DISQ Bootcamp 2023, visit
The Brochure for the DISQ Bootcamp 2023 can be viewed
here )

Stay tuned for our final roster of Mentor-Investors!
Call for Volunteers: UX Students and UX professionals

Please reach out if you wish to volunteer for helping startups refine their User Experience under the Flying Unicorn Track.

Registration Call for Startups: Entry-level and Incubated Startups (Hurry – Limited Seats)

Track Chairs

Pankaj Sapkal


Shashank Deshpande

Pentathlon Ventures, India

Sandip Shinde

Digital Impact Square

A TCS Foundation Initiative