Student Volunteers

Call for Student Volunteers 

IndiaHCI conferences are one of the best events to experience being a Student Volunteer. Highly motivated, enthusiastic and talented individuals come together to join IndiaHCI conferences as Student Volunteers, or SVs. Each student volunteers participates in organizing the conference from end-to-end. They coordinate, interact and work together as teams and as individuals. They get a chance to interact closely with keynotes, chairs and organizers and with fellow community members including students.  

IndiaHCI 2020, unlike its predecessors, is a complete ONLINE event. Roles are getting redefined and challenges are new. Being a student volunteer during IndiaHCI2020 offers new and unprecedented opportunities to learn the secret of the trait and to grow as individuals. Not to mention that friendships and a long-lasting network of professionals are some of the many added advantages.

Typical responsibilities 

IndiaHCI conferences have banked heavily on several highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals working as student volunteers. While it is difficult to sum-up the volunteers’ contribution, we have compiled a list of typical responsibilities, as follows:

  • Be available for assignments during all the days of the conference. 
  • Be available for assignments during the time before and after the conference. 
  • Be prepared to take up assignments on Visual Design, Conference management and miscellaneous other tasks like registrations, courses and workshop management etc. 
  • Be ready to work in teams 
  • Be ready to put up close to 20 hours of work (across multiple tasks) during conference days.

Eligibility and application process 

Winning a student volunteer position with IndiaHCI 2020 is a three step process: 

  1. Check your eligibility: Applicants must have a valid student status (undergraduate/ graduate/ PhD students) during IndiaHCI 2020. Students graduating by June-July 2020 may apply as well. 
  2. Application process is open again. Click here to apply.  
  3. Wait for response from Volunteer chairs regarding your selection as IndiaHCI 2020 student volunteer. 
  4. Pay student registration fee. The registration fee would be reimbursed upon successful completion of the stipulated number of hours.