Industry Showcase

Industry Showcase – Call for Proposals

We are eager to know if Emerging technologies be it AI, ML, AR, VR, or EDGE computing, how the UX teams are moulding their processes, changing their ways of working. This is an invite to all UX professionals and User researchers to share and present. Whether you work for a Consulting company or a studio or an IT product, each one of you has explored new tools, deviated from the ‘classic’ User-centred process, or just worked on a unique technology. There is a lot we all could learn from each other. India HCI invites proposals for presentations from working UX professionals. The showcase could include, either of the following:

A) Design for emerging Tech: Explain the specific approach of design for specific emerging technologies.

B) Project / Product Design case Study: A case study of a specific design project which employed innovative design methodology or project from an emerging technology domain.

C) Point of view presentation for an Industry Domain: For example, share your experience with Oil and Gas, or retail or healthcare, or any. Other industry verticals.

D) User research techniques: Any specific user research techniques you want to talk about, with hands-on project learnings.

E) Other possible topics: Comparison of tools of design, Design Process across different organizations,

Preparing and submitting a proposal

The proposals should be shared as a one-pager description of the topic you want to present.

Submission format:

A) Page 01 = About the presenter

  1. Name of presenter:
  2. Company Name:
  3. Contact Details:
  4. LinkedIn Profile link:

B) Page 02 = The One-pager proposal:

  1. Category: A, B, C, E, or E
  2. Topic Name:
  3. Topic description: Not more than 3 lines
  4. The rough structure of your presentation, or a rough Table of content
  5. The preferred format is (1) Pecha-Kucha or (2) Speaking slot. 


The One-pager will be reviewed by our panel and shortlisted entries will be requested to submit their final presentations in PPT format.

You could opt for either of the presentation formats: 

  1. Pecha-Kucha (20 x 20 format) 20 slides, and each slide advances automatically after 20 seconds.
  2. Elaborate Speaking slots, of 15 Min. including the Question and answers.

At the conference

Accepted presentation proposals will be invited to present during the online conference in 2 separate types of events

  1. Pecha-Kucha style quick and precise presentations.
  2. Present on a 15 Min Speaking slot.

Submission Details

  • One-pager proposal submission Last Date (15th Sept 2020)
  • PPT Presentation submission Last date ( 15 Oct 2020)
  • Panel members will shortlist, and request presenters to submit Final PPT
  • Final PPT submission Date: (30 October 2020)