Invited Speakers

Atul Manohar

Create the future with the edge

10:30 AM IST November 07, 2020

Computing models have been changing over the years. The main-frame computers (1970) had a centralized Computing model, which was disrupted by the micro and mini computers in the 1990s, where the computing became distributed. Interestingly it went back to Centralized Computing with the emergence and spread of the ‘Cloud Computing.’ The latest trend in Technology is taking the computing power near the shore again taking it back to Distributed model. This is “Edge Computing”.

Many enterprises are exploring to take some of the computing, analysis and decision-making near the ground, where the real action is. For example in the oil-rigs, manufacturing plant and even retail. This talk aims at introducing the fundamentals of Edge Computing, their applications, and challenges in front of the UX professionals and researchers.

Agnelo Marques

Does Blockchain need a UX link?

11:00 AM IST November 07, 2020

Heard about blockchain? Yes. Do you know enough about it? maybe or maybe not, mostly not, it’s a bit confusing. The reason, many. One of the primary reasons is that it is currently in its nascency main dealt with by engineers, who focus more on tech jargon, on how it is cryptographically secure, on how it is digitally transforming money, and on how it is the technology that is about to change the world. But a technology that is about to change the world, should be something that common people like you and me can see, feel, and use, just the way we consume other technologies today. So, what is missing?

Unmesh Kulkarni

Before We IoT: Roadmap for Creative Sensemaking

11:30 AM IST November 08, 2020

IoT solutions have been disrupting how products and services are delivered to consumers or public and private enterprises. Combination of ubiquitous high-speed connectivity, evolution of cloud and accessible high-power devices, is driving IoT revolution.

IoT offers new control, data insights and efficient services. It has a huge potential in enhancing experiences and delivering value in healthcare services, smarter buildings, public services, and cities etc. making the world healthy, safe, secure, and productive. There is a risk of billions of such connected devices and sensors compromising cyber security, privacy and rights of individuals and organisations. And these devices can also be a threat to the climate as they can reach landfills at a much faster pace with rapid tech platforms and stack upgrades.

So, let us discuss the role designers can play in designing and sensemaking of IoT systems. How can designers create meaningful IoT experiences and a secure world? How can we avoid falling into a new tech labyrinth? And instead create exemplary IOT systems that are meaningful, sustainable, equitable and empowering.

Prashant Pansare

Data is Talking to You. Are you Listening?

3:00 PM IST November 08, 2020

People, devices or businesses are creating and consuming data like never before. Today every aspect of life, business and economy is going Digital & Social by leveraging emerging technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Automation, Machine Learning, Bigdata Analytics, Block Chain, AR-VR. Disruptive ideas are changing how people use these technologies during every minute. Product Designers need to become more data savvy for harmonising the Digital & Human, creating a differentiated User Experience for increasing the Engagement Scores so their products can listen to the consumers what the data is Storytelling.

Let’s discuss how we can apply Design Thinking in Data Science by blending the Art & Science of data into product design ideas.

Dr. Ashok Maharaj

Unbearable Lightness of Extended Reality (XR): Opportunities, and Challenges of Spatial Storytelling

3:30 PM IST November 08, 2020

The talk will be a primer on Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments, and how we are leveraging them for digital experiences. The talk will also focus on how to design for 3 Dimensions and what are the challenges associated with it.

Dr. Parag Mankeekar

RealLives Building Empathy to promote Action In the Real World!

4:00 PM IST November 08, 2020

Parag Mankeekar is a social tech entrepreneur who started his journey as a medical, public health professional & trained anthropologist. Empathy is a powerful human fundamental value that can address challenges and bring about sustained positive changes globally by empowering communities with socio-emotional learning (SEL) skills. The promotion of empathy is becoming urgent to keep the world together. The current education system is driven by the STEM model, which takes us away from the education of basic fundamental human values and the importance of the social value system. Parag is currently driving global scaling up of the RealLives platform that can and will build SEL foundations by disrupting the current learning methodologies in partnership with the key stakeholders of the education system. Through its integration and use of online games and social networking, it is the key to build and promote the empathy and change-making abilities of millennials globally. This will successfully change the way the world reads and responds to global challenges.

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