Session Recording Policy

IndiaHCI 2020 Session Recording Policy


IndiaHCI 2020 records the sessions happening over video conferencing platforms with the sole intent of being able to document the session activities. Unlike a physical conference where video recordings and photography are common norms of documentation, the online conference IndiaHCI 2020 is utilising the call recordings and screen captures for the same purpose in the absence of any other alternative to document different sessions.

Specific points of engagement

The following may kindly be noted with reference to call recordings and screen captures of IndiaHCI 2020 sessions:

  1. At the beginning of each session, the chair coordinates with the content presenter(s) regarding consent to record. Should a presenter opt-out from having a recorded session, it needs to be clearly established. The chair may then proceed accordingly.
  2. The recorded content and its formats – Video call recordings and the screen captures are primarily adopted to document the conference event.
  3. The conference organisers will never make any commercial use of the recorded content.
  4. The conference organisers will never offer the recorded content as a publicly accessible library.