HCI Professional Association of India (HCIPAI)

HCIPAI represents a community of academicians and professionals active in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in India. It focuses on sharing peer-reviewed knowledge in the discipline of HCI based design and research by providing relevant platforms for different stakeholders. Individuals at HCIPAI are recognized experts in their domains. They belong to the best of both the worlds including academia and industry. HCIPAI has led various initiates around community development including training, education, policy development and professional services to the industry.

Registered office: 4, Paradise HSG Society, Baner Road, Pune 411045, Maharastra, IndiaWrite to us at: contact@hcipai.org


The HCIPAI is a community of Researchers, Academicians, Design Professionals and Students involved in different disciplines related to HCI-based Design and Research. Empower yourselves – grow your network, build relationships, exchange ideas, discover exciting career opportunities through this community.

Joining HCIPAI Google group enables you to subscribe to HCIPAI updates. For more formal association with HCIPAI, we encourage you to become HCIPAI members.

Education and Research

Academician members of HCIPAI are associated with the top educational Institutions within India and abroad. They impart education in the field of HCI-based Design and have been guiding and publishing research work in this niche field.

Conferences and Events

HCIPAI conducts conferences and events through various institutions across the country. These events acts as a platform for collaboration and exchange of expert knowledge. India HCI is one such series of peer-reviewed conferences conducted annually by HCIPAI.


Grow your career in HCI with the guidance of Industry Professionals and improve your career opportunities by building your network among the top minds in HCI.