Call For Student Volunteers


IMPORTANT information

Student Volunteer Chair

India HCI 2021
Devyani Shirole
OneCard (FPL Technologies), India

India HCI 2021
Rohan Jhunja
Gramener, India

Hey Student volunteers!

You are the heart & soul of what makes a conference a delightful experience and we look forward to having you on board!

Being an SV is a great way to participate in India's top HCI conference, be part of the community, expand your knowledge, and network with students from across the country.

Your tasks at the conference will include - handling sessions, branding and social media management, handling registrations, event photography and technical support.


Applicants must have a valid student status (UG/ PG/ PhD students) during IndiaHCI 2021. Students graduating by June-July 2021 may apply as well.

Volunteering is a serious business but it has it's perks too...

Important Dates

Round 1
Round 2

(Invitations must be accepted within 10 days of being released)

Apply Here

We realize that the pandemic has brought a large amount of uncertainty to everyone's plans. Going ahead, we aim to support students in accessing the conference and will continue to share updates on the website.