Late Breaking Work

Late Breaking Work

Srushti Gangawanwale and Calvin Stanley
TripSpin – Navigation made easier at Majestic


Aditya Garikapati, Tushar Paliwal and Mayank Kinger
SureLocal: A hyperlocal pharmaceutical delivery service


Simran Singh
Sigmoid — Open Toolkit for Teaching AI in K-12 education


Suchismita Naik
Where should we draw the line?


Yugvir Parhar and Prabhav Bhatnagar
Human Aided Agent Learning In Virtual Reality Environment using Reinforcement and Imitation Learning


Vanshika Sanghi, Janaki Syam and Arsh Kumar
Project Rafiki – Exploring Embodied Interactions as the Future of HCI


Dani Kalarikalayil Raju and Aparna Kulkarni
Utsav Chowk: Local Community Sourced Assistance to Use Digital Platforms


Shwetha Subramanian, Yugvir Parhar, Nitya Baskar, Mayank Kinger and Mayank Gupta
XR in Health Care and Life Sciences


Rajandeep Singh, Dylan Fox, Anu Pandey, Rohan Kar, Alyssa Li, Manish Kondapolu and Elliot Choi
Augmented Reality for Visually Impared People


Prabhav Bhatnagar, Vivek Raman, Adhyan Mall, Adhiraj Bhagawati and Projjal Gupta
MaTrEx – Exploring Specialized Skill Training in Virtual Reality

Manjiri Godbole
Future of CCTVs in Urban Public Spaces – Speculations under the theme if CCTVs are here to stay


Chaemoon Yoo, Hyemi Jeon, Kiechan Namkung and Younghwan Pan
A Classification of Sound Database For Autonomous Vehicle


Ikenna Ihemelu and Tobechukwu Okeke
Exploring the Ethical Dilemmas of Social Media Use through Agent-Based Modeling


Neelakantan Keshavan and Prasad Onkar
Writing’s on the Wall


Ping Li and Younghwan Pan
A research of Design Education Based on HCI Form: A case study of AD designing in Guangxi Institution,China


Jagriti Arora and Sreelakshmi Ramachandran
Heads Up – Technologies for downward fixated walkers


Shubhangi Gautam and Nimmi Rangaswamy
Why Zomato is AI-Last?


Lakshmi Deshpande
“You Read My Mind!” -Designing Anticipatory Experiences

Papers Track

Papers Track

Vidya Sarangapani, Ahmed Kharrufa, David Leat and Peter Wright.
Fostering Deep Learning in Cross-Cultural Education through use of Content-Creation Tools


Pranjal Protim Borah and Keyur Sorathia.
Direct Observation of Tactile Geometric Drawing by Visually Impaired and Blind Students


Arihant Parsoya and Venkatesh Rajamanickam.
KeySlide: Using Directional Gestures on Keyboard for Cursor Positioning


Chaitanyashareef Kulkarni, Kshitij Kapoor, Deva Surya Vivek Madala, Sanchit Bansal and Sudheendra Hangal.
Compartmentalizing Web Browsing with Sailboat


Grace Eden, Sumita Sharma, Debjani Roy, Anirudha Joshi, José Abdelnour Nocera and Nimmi Rangaswamy.
Field trip as Method: A Rapid Fieldwork Approach


Jayati Bandyopadhyay, Nupur Labh, Simarjot Kaur, Arun Rajkumar, Saurav Bhattacharya and Saurabh Srivastava.
TrustCircle: A Novel Trust Framework for creating a Personalised Recommender System that helps Evaluate
Trustworthiness in Sharing Economy Services


Abhishek Shrivastava and Anirudha Joshi.
Directedness and Persistence in Audio-Visual Interface for Emergent users


Abhas Tandon, Kautilya Hari and Rajani A.
Case Study: Paperless Labour Monitoring System In Low Resource Healthcare Settings


Anjana Srikrishnan and Anirudha Joshi.
Comparison of Verbalized Navigation by Visually Impaired Users with Navigation based on Instructions from  Google maps


Ighoyota Ben Ajenaghughrure, Sonia Claudia Da Costa Sousa, Ilkka Johannes Kosunen and David Ribeiro Lamas.
Predictive model for detecting trust in technology from psychophysiological signals


Ayushi Tandon, George Kandathil, Swanand Deodhar and Navdeep Mathur.
Electronic Records of Obstetrics and Gynecology Encounter: Going Beyond Professional Logic of Care


Varun Panambur and Vanitha Sushma.
Study of Challenges Faced by Totally Blind Persons in Accessing Bangalore Metro Services

Student Research Consortium

Student Research Consortium

Arathi Varghese.
Engaging Consumers through Effective Label Designs


Anshuman Dhar.
ReTreeve : A System Which Analyzes And Recommends Ways To Optimise Attention


Anushri Ghode.
Data work by Frontline Health workers in Pregnancy Care

Student Design Consortium

Student Design Consortium

Anshuman Dhar, Sree Mahit Munakala and Lipika Gupta.
Victoria – An AI powered knowledge companion


Arathi Varghese, Apoorva Shetty, Charley Vincent and Sandra Sivananda.
The Lost Art of Meaningful Conversations


Tanya Ballal, Rujuta Sondur and Shreya Mishra.

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Srikanth G. Tamilselvam, Naveen Panwar, Shreya Khare, Rahul Aralikatte, Anush Sankaran and Senthil Mani.
A Visual Programming Paradigm for Abstract Deep Learning Model Development


Sujath Asad Ali Junaid.
Designing an Augmented Reality Experience for a Custom/ Bespoke Garment Startup


Adith Kv, Disha Rathi, Vinayak Jhunjhunwala and Debjani Roy.
Voice Augmented Eexperience in Apps in Indian Languages